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This was the first tractor that I ever bought myself.  I was a very young kid when I bought this tractor and the picture shows it shortly after I had it home.  

jd_60_past.JPG (83357 bytes)

When I decided I wanted to start pulling in '95, I modified it by lightening it up to 5500 lbs, installing a 6" powerblock, & putting it on tin rims.  I pulled the tractor in the 6000 & 8000 lb field stock classes.  Competing against Farmall 560's, Oliver 88's, & AC 190's, I was just way out powered in field stock.  That's why I started searching for a 4010, and ultimately why I retired this tractor.

1954 60 pulling2.JPG (104723 bytes)

In order to finance my 4010 puller, I sold the 60.  Before I sold the tractor I reinstalled the original block with new rings.  This picture shows the 60 back in its original work clothes just before I sold it. 

  1954JD60-1.JPG (226771 bytes)