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I bought this tractor in the fall of 1999 with a bad transmission.  This first picture shows the tractor the day it came home.  The synchronizer clutch disks were bad and had to be replaced.  I split the tractor and installed new disks and the transmission was fixed.  

JD4010-1.JPG (62764 bytes)

I ran the tractor all winter and decided that I needed to rework the engine before I took it to a pull.  So in the Spring of 2000 I split the tractor for a second time and pulled the engine.  Basically all I did was install some new sleeves and pistons.

JD_4010_-_tranny.JPG (77287 bytes)                JD4010_-_frame.JPG (79753 bytes)

Then it was time to lighten it up so that I could make it into the 6000 lb class.  I removed all the hydraulics, installed tin rims, & put in an old snowmobile gas tank.  

JD4010G-1.jpg (85585 bytes)                JD4010G-2.jpg (76395 bytes)

I fought carb trouble most of the 2000 season and I had trouble picking the right gears, but I was finally starting to get it balanced out by the end of the year.  About half way through the season, I switched from my 18.4 x 34" tires to a nice set of 18.4 x 38" rubber that my brother made up.  We never had time to paint the new wheels, but I'm not too concerned about looks anyways.  I'd rather have an ugly tractor that runs great, than a trailer queen that hardly runs.

4010 on trailer III.JPG (44107 bytes)

For the 2001 pulling season I made a few more minor changes like adding an electronic ignition.  My best finish all season was a 4th place in the 6000lb class at the Butler Fair. 

For 2002 I bought a new carburetor.  I only had a chance to run at a few pulls.  After that I decided that I just didn't have time to keep up with everything, so in April of 2003 I sold the tractor to a fellow who lives in Western PA.  Hopefully i'll get to see it pulling again someday.