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My JD 4010 gas has been sold.  I've left up the thumbnails and the details of the engine just for the history of it. 

lt_front.JPG (105809 bytes)            rt_front.JPG (104237 bytes)            lt_side.JPG (108968 bytes)

rear.JPG (113669 bytes)            intake_closeup.JPG (95852 bytes)            wheelie_bar.JPG (84135 bytes)

Engine Specs

  • Gas engine with wide block

  • 4 & 3/16" bore high compression pistons

  • stock 4" stroke

  • 320 Cubic Inches

  • Electronic Ignition

  • 9:1 Compression Ratio

  • LP gas intake manifold

  • 3 angle valve grind with back cut

  • Schneider Racing Cams Grind (see data sheet thumbnail below)

4010_camshaft.JPG (115280 bytes)