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Brian bought this tractor in December of 2000.  It is another 4010 gas.  We picked it up the day after Christmas and the picture below shows it on the cold & snowy ride home.

 Brian's 4010 on trailer.JPG (63597 bytes)

He bought it with a bad engine.  He split the tractor to work on the engine.  He found some very badly spun bearings.  Here is a picture of the tractor after we split it to pull the engine.

4010_split_back.JPG (114341 bytes) 

Brian has the 4010 completely back together now and it is running excellent.  He's been using it all summer to do work on the farm and it runs great. 

4010_after_rebuild.JPG (68404 bytes)

The latest addition Brian has made to his 4010 is a nice model 47 loader.  Here is a picture of the tractor and loader.

4010_w_loader.JPG (90062 bytes)