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My brother bought this 1953 John Deere 60 even though it was smoking terribly.  It had good oil pressure, but it was smoking too much to be worn or even cracked rings and it was actually spitting oil out of the exhaust pipe onto the tractor.  He had it home for a few hours before he pulled the oil bath air cleaner apart and found the trouble.  The air cleaner was completely plugged.  After he cleaned the blockage the smoke disappeared and now the tractor runs great.  Brian has been using the tractor around the farm ever since.

JD 60-1.JPG (76448 bytes)           JD 60-2.JPG (100996 bytes)

Since these pictures have been taken a few years have passed.  Brian has since torn the 60 down and totally refurbished it.  It is now sporting a new paint job, gauges, tires, manifold and much more.  Some pictures of the finished project are below. 

JD 60-6.JPG (118824 bytes)        JD 60-3.JPG (123419 bytes)        JD 60-5.JPG (74741 bytes)

Brian sold this tractor to a local man who intends to give it a good home.  It was a great worker but we are glad to see that it will be well taken care of.  Here is one final picture on the day we delivered the tractor.

60_leaving_2.JPG (73027 bytes)