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Brian's single wheel G.  This thing was a real piece when we brought it home.  He bought the tractor from a dealer and the first two pictures show it being loaded onto our trailer using a payloader & backhoe.  

Loading G-1.JPG (110359 bytes)        Loading G-2.JPG (106007 bytes)

Brian did a lot of work to this tractor.  The engine was stuck and it was in pretty sad shape.  For the 1998 pulling season he didn't worry about cosmetics and instead rebuilt the engine and concentrated on making it a reliable machine.

Rusty G puller.JPG (109659 bytes)

Since then Brian has done a lot of cosmetic work.  The pictures below show his G after paint and on the way to a pull.

  G on trailer.JPG (66395 bytes)        Brian's G on trailer.JPG (89309 bytes)