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I bought this 49 A and my 39 B tractor both at the same time from the same man.  Of all the deals I've made so far, this one has definitely turned out to be the worst.  Both tractors were stuck and after I tore them apart I found out that both of them also had cracked blocks. 

49A before 3.JPG (111566 bytes)

I decided the B was just too far gone to bring it back to life, but the A was definitely worth putting back to original.  My dad adopted the A, and he has been slowly gathering parts to put it back together.  He bought an NOS block and had the carburetor and magneto rebuilt.  

49A before 4.JPG (63363 bytes)

This winter I rebuilt the engine.  I used new rings and piston pin bushings with the old cast iron pistons.  We had new valves and press in seats put in the head as well.  After everything was back together it started right up.  It was leaking antifreeze from the radiator core and the gas tank started to seep some oil from under the rear mount.  So I've swapped out radiators for another one that Brian had picked up at an auction a few years back.  And I've pulled the gas tank so that I can plastic coat it to stop the leaks.  

After fixing the leaks and ironing out some other bugs I finally got around to the paint job.  After many coats of primer, green, and yellow, I have it back in running order.  It is running great and we even had it finished in time to go to a show.  Check out the finished product...

49A after 1.JPG (56305 bytes)        49A after 2.JPG (103905 bytes)