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My Dad bought this B from a friend of ours back in 1992.  We hauled it home on the back of my brother's one ton flatbed chevy. 

dads_b_coming_home.jpg (129707 bytes)        scott_b.jpg (734730 bytes)        Scott_B-2.jpg (545142 bytes)

My grandfather & I worked on it for a full morning and then we gave it a pull and it fired right up.  Shortly after that I repainted the tractor and we put it to use.  We've been using this tractor for all kinds of odd jobs for years.  It has an aftermarket 3 pt hitch which makes the tractor much more useful.  With a 3 pt bale spear, the B has no trouble moving 800lb round bales. 

This is my Dad's tractor and he often calls it the best tractor on the farm.  I can hardly argue with him because the B has never needed any major repairs done to it and it always starts when you need it.  

51b_2.JPG (154494 bytes)        51b_3.JPG (114730 bytes)