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This is the story of "Guy's 60".  This tractor came home to us in Jan of 2005 due to a longstanding agreement that I had with its owner.  Having known the owner for years I had previously told him that I'd love to buy his 60 whenever he was done with it.  He had some trouble with it when mowing pastures one day, so he called for help.  I worked on the ignition of the tractor more than a few times for him until it was running well again.  During my last trip we agreed that when the time came I could buy the tractor and that day we settled on a price.  

During the winter of '05, the time came for the tractor to come home.  Since it was so close to home I decided to just drive it.  My brother, dad, and I took gas and a battery charger and brought it home.  Here are some pictures of it in the barn, on the drive home, and finally in our barn

guys_60_3.jpg (84492 bytes)        guys_60_4.jpg (72275 bytes)

guys_60_7.jpg (128363 bytes)        guys_60_1.jpg (167300 bytes)

The motor is a little weak, but so far I've just run it as is.  I did install new grill screens and repair some damaged sheet metal on the nose cone.  Sometime in the near future I'd like to totally disassemble this one to rebuild the motor and paint it.  This one will never leave the family and deserves to be totally rebuilt.  Right now it is sitting at my new house and is my workhorse around here.  With live PTO, 3pt, and calcium filled tires, its a handy machine to keep around....even moves dirt.

guys_60_2.jpg (219451 bytes)