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I bought this JD 2010 wheel tractor (industrial) off ebay from a guy in New Jersey.  It didn't really run well, but it ran.  I brought it home and tuned it up to at least get it running consistently and then mounted the JD 95 series A backhoe to it.  Talk about a heavy combination...

The backhoe, another long story.  I bought it from near Reading PA with a cracked mast support.  It sat for a long time in 2 pieces before I eventually had the mast support professionally welded.  Then I put it together and started searching for a tractor or crawler to mount it on.  

mini-000_0091.JPG (150874 bytes)    mini-000_0092.JPG (173139 bytes)

Here is the 2010 on the trailer shortly after I got it home.  Someone didn't like the industrial yellow so they painted it a drab green with a brush.  The rubber is fantastic, but the engine is pretty weak.  

2010_5.jpg (265324 bytes)    2010_4.jpg (241440 bytes)

Here is the combination after I put it together.  I ended up buying 2 used buckets so I have a 2' and a 3' bucket.  Its very strong and surprisingly tight for the age.

2010_2.jpg (252210 bytes)