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This is my very first tractor.  My dad bought this when I was just a toddler.  The tractor came with a disc, single bottom trailer plow, semi-mounted sickle bar mower, & drag harrows.  The picture shows me driving the tractor in the Saxonburg Festival of the Arts parade in 1990.  I was 13 years old. 

JD H in 1990 parade.JPG (64163 bytes)

I drove the tractor all the way to Saxonburg with my dad following in the truck.  It's about 5 miles from my house to Saxonburg, which doesn't seem like much.  With a road gear that is only 5 & 3/4 miles per hour, it was a long trip for me. 

The H has electric start & hydraulics.  I've also acquired a John Deere cylinder and single bottom mounted plow.  

There are certain tractors that will never leave the family.  This is one of them.  Not because it is perfectly restored, but because it has so much sentimental value.