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Here is a picture of my G the day it came home.  It was in pretty sad shape.  Loose but not running, one half burned tire, home made hood, terrible grilles, wrong front wheels, & loose flywheel.

JD G before 1.JPG (71762 bytes)

I had to put in a new radiator core because the old one was shot.  I also put on a different flywheel.  After I got a stuck valve loose it ran ok.

JD G before 2.JPG (48844 bytes).

I purchased some sheet metal from a man in Texas and I made some adapters to install tin rims.  I pulled it in a couple of antique pulls and it ran strong.  But I focused on pulling the 4010 instead.  Maybe someday i'll take it to an antique pull.

JD G puller1.JPG (110175 bytes)