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My grandfather has owned this tractor for a very long time.  It used to have a mounted corn planter on it and my grandfather has a great story about that.  Whoever made the cutoff rear wheels to accept rubber tires welded one of the rims on just a little off center.  So if you planted corn with it, the rows waved all over the place because of that crooked wheel. 

For as long as I can remember the f-12 sat in my grandfathers sheep lot not running.  As kids we would always play on it and crank it over every once in a while.  One day Brian and I decided it was time to get it running again.  We had the magneto rebuilt and put new tires on the front.  One of the rear rims was shot, so I torched it off and welded on a new rim.  I think I got my rim straight though.  We put some used 13.6 x 38" rubber on the rear and then we fired it up.  It runs great even after all those years of sitting outside.

Now it is kept inside the shop.  I tried to start it not too long ago, but the fuel pump wouldn't pump fuel up to the carb.  I found a rebuild kit for it and put that in.  As soon as I replace one of the fuel lines it will be back in running order.  I know it is red, but it's another one that won't be leaving the farm anytime soon. 

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