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Brian & I bought this old international loadstar when I needed my own transportation to the tractor pulls.  We bought it from a local guy when it was in pretty rough shape.  It was an old logging truck that had some I-beam cross members welded to the frame.  We had a log cut up and Brian added a few more cross members and then put down a rough cut lumber bed.

I handled the paint and body work.  I did a patch work to the hood, fender, & firewall.  Then I painted the cab Ford blue and the wheels got a coat of Ford gray and gloss black.  

This old truck hauled me to quite a few pulls before my dad bought a flatbed trailer and we sold the truck.  I didn't mind seeing the truck go, the 5 speed tranny with 2 speed rear gave it plenty of power to haul, but the brakes on these old things can be pretty temperamental.

The picture shows the truck still loaded after I returned from Ohio with  some locust logs for my uncle.

loadstar_after.JPG (123415 bytes)